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Location: Ponderosa

Why has Peace in the Park been postponed for 2013?

The voluntary organising committee have postponed this year’s festival because we are not completely confident that we will raise enough revenue to cover the Festival’s costs.

Faced with a potential shortfall of up to £8000 we cannot responsibly go ahead.

The committee believe that making this decision is in the best interests of the long-term sustainability of the Festival, and that by postponing for a year we will be able to secure the revenue needed to run Peace in the Park next year (2014).

Why have you waited until now to postpone?

Much of the income to run the Festival comes from fundraising events beforehand – people have a great night out with bands and DJs, and their donations and/or some of the ticket and bar income goes to the cost of Peace in the Park.

Several fundraisers took place in April and more are scheduled for May, but the money raised so far is significantly less than we need to run Peace in the Park – we don’t think we’ll be able to raise enough to cover the shortfall.

It’s prudent and financially responsible to decide to postpone the festival now, giving everyone over a month’s notice, rather than carry on regardless.

How do I know the Festival will take place next year?

Even paid-for festivals sometimes take a year out! The committee are confident that we will secure enough funds on top of what we have already raised to bring Peace in the Park back as a fantastic, fabulous, free festival in 2014.

So what does it cost?

Nobody is paid to organise Peace in the Park. The festival happens thanks to the goodwill of the bands, performers, and stallholders; the time put in by the voluntary organisers; suppliers offering good deals; and venue owners and promoters helping to put on fundraisers. But for a fun, safe, legal festival to take place there are significant and rising costs – despite the goodwill of our suppliers – for toilets, stages, generators, power, marquees, etc.
The total costs for Peace in the Park 2013 would have been around £18/£20,000 – not a lot for a fabulous fun event for several thousand people – but we can’t go ahead this year if we are not completely confident of meeting all our costs.

If you can’t pay for it this year, how did you do it before?

Revenue has roughly come from:

fundraising events – 50%
stalls and bar income on the day – 25%
donations and grants – 25%

But this year there was less income from fundraising, less grant funding available, and (despite generous terms offered by our suppliers) the costs are rising.

Why don’t you make Peace in the Park smaller to save money?

We’ve seriously considered this. But the Festival’s costs are pared down already; downsizing the Festival doesn’t reduce costs enough. And critically, the Festival must provide a safe and secure day out which means appropriate facilities on the day must be paid for. Even if we downsized the festival we could not guarantee a decrease in attendance so there was no way to reduce the size and costs of the festival whilst still ensuring the safety of everyone on the day.

If I donate money NOW can Peace in the Park happen this year?

No. We’ve taken the decision to postpone Peace in the Park 2013 and have informed suppliers, bands, partners and the public. We can’t reverse that decision now.

But we’d love you to donate money now – with the money we’ve raised already and your donations we can make Peace in the Park 2014 better than ever before.

Why don’t you just collect money on the day to cover the shortfall?

We have certainly considered this possibility, however there are a number of things we need to take into account:

  • The most we have ever raised through bucket collections on the day is £3000 – far less than the £8000 shortfall we are currently seeing
  • Currently, all the money collected on the day goes directly to the chosen charities – this would be quite a change to how we work with them
  • Over recent years all the bucket shaking has been done by volunteers from the charities – we would need to find some new volunteers to do this job (and we are always short on volunteers just to cover the existing steward responsibilities)

What about the revenue you’ve raised so far?

Income raised from the 2013 fundraising events will go towards Peace in the Park 2014.
Donors to the Crowdfund up to today (1 May 2013) will be offered the ‘rewards’ they are due OR a refund. We are relaunching the Crowdfunding campaign so if you are one of the many thousands of people who have enjoyed Peace in the Park and want to come to a refreshed festival in 2014 please consider donating.

What about the charities Peace in the Park supports?

Peace in the Park supports two nominated ’causes’ (charities) each year, offering them exposure on the day, and donating surplus income to them. In 2012 the two charities each received £1500; in 2011 they each received £1250 – more information is here. We want to continue to help the nominated causes – in order to do this we need to be generating money, not owing it!

Who looks after the money you fundraise?

Peace in the Park is run by a company limited by guarantee, made up of voluntary members and voluntary directors. Our meetings are publicly advertised and our accounts are audited by Voluntary Action Sheffield and submitted to Companies House.

How can I help?

Peace in the Park happens because YOU and we all want it to happen. You can get involved as a volunteer organiser or as a steward, come to meetings, have a great night out at a fundraising event or donate to the crowdfunding campaign.

Peace in the Park is Sheffield’s largest free volunteer-run community music and arts festival and raises much-needed money for local and international charities. With your continued help and support we’ll be back, bigger and better, on 14 June 2014.

Please email if you have further questions or want to come to our next voluntary organisers meeting on Tuesday 7 May.