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Peace in the Park 2024

Hello you People In The Park,

By now you will hopefully have seen our recent posts highlighting that we are STILL HERE, PITP is still going. We’re not going to lie, COVID hit us hard, and reduced funding opportunities combined with welcoming the next generation of lovely PITP volunteers (amongst some familiar faces still!) has provided us with a slew of challenges we have been working our way through. But we now have exciting things to announce.

Looking forward to Peace In The Park 2024

Firstly, we will address the elephant in the room. As you may all be aware now, 2023 is not going to be a year in which we are able to put on PITP, but we are already looking forward to 2024, which is also our 21st birthday!

We are already working towards this with a few key changes to the PITP ethos. We are taking it back to the roots of why the festival started, with an emphasis on Peace, Unity, Respect and with a renewed focus on highlighting and celebrating the rich history in activism in Sheffield. Keep your eyes out for a new look to reflect this coming soon!


Peace in the Park will not happen without volunteers; and whilst we do have a wonderful team of volunteers, the workload is simply too much for too small a group. So we have COUNTLESS opportunities for people to join in and volunteer as much or as little time as you want. You could come and flex some muscles you’d forgotten about, or try your hand at a new skill; get work experience and help contribute to this much beloved event.

The list below is a few of the areas we would love to have help in.

  • Marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Web design/developer

  • Graphic Designers

  • Finance

  • Event Planning

  • Stewards

  • Daily Operations / Communications

  • Decor

  • General admin

  • Production and Coordination

We meet once a month as a steering group, and individual teams might have catch ups at other points in the month, obviously in the months/weeks leading up to the event there is more to do as the final stages of planning and putting on the event take over (a very exciting time!) but there is work to do all year round.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us GET IN TOUCH by contacting us through Instagram, Facebook or emailing, we can see what you’re interested in and how you can be involved in this wonderful community event.

News coming soon

Finally, please keep your eyes peeled for more news to be coming your way about:

  • Peace in the Park seeking charity status

  • Our dedicated efforts towards increasing inclusivity

  • Our plans to bring more events to the city and spread the ethos of peace through community throughout the year

  • We will also be looking for feedback from people who love us and, more importantly, the people who don’t!


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