Sheffield's free community arts festival
Back in 2023
Location: Ponderosa


We want Peace in the Park 2016 as sustainable as possible and to help combat climate change. We made sure we were using as much low carbon transport as possible and leaving no trace.

Our Plan….

Walk, use the Bus, Pedal for Peace and Tram it for the Planet!

Want to travel there at the lowest cost? At the festival there will be a safe bike area for you to leave your bikes, which will be free to use but please bring padlocks. A Marshall will be helping people to find them. The tram stop is nearby the Ponderosa so is just a short walk away. Getting on a train or bus isn’t necessarily as easy as jumping in a car parked outside your house. However, there is no car park at the site and the on-street parking is pretty limited, so finding somewhere to park is unlikely to be an easy option. So please consider walking or getting public transport, just for one day.

Leave no Trace!

We’d like to keep the Ponderosa Park a litter-free pretty place so when we’ve had the festival we’d like to leave no trace. Please help us make sure the Ponderosa is kept as presentable as it was prior to the festival by using our recycling stations on-site. These will be clearly labeled and the “Litterbugs” will also be helping you to put your litter into the right bins!

Love Local Food!

Do you love local food? We’d like to encourage you to try food from some of the fantastic and varied stalls. There are lots to choose from. Many of the stalls source local, fair-trade, organic, and seasonal food. There are some great ones lined up, be sure to check them out.

We’ll also be running competitions for the best traders. There will be winners of various prizes and the ‘Sustainable Champion’ will win a free pitch at next year’s event, so the competition is on! We are looking for sustainable e.g. locally sourced food, a clean area and other sustainable measures taken such as composting or biodegradable cups.

Bringing in local traders will also help Peace in the Park to be received positively by the community and the council who grants our site permission each year. Involving local producers also provides rural jobs in the process! And it all helps to leave the Ponderosa as clean as possible after it has all finished.