Sheffield's free community arts festival
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Location: Ponderosa

2016 Healing Area

The healing area welcomes you to this year’s Peace in the Park! Come and join our wonderful group of practitioners, therapists and healing professionals for a chill out or to try new skills and experiences., You’d be most welcome to treat yourself to a massage, some reflexology or one of our workshops. Along with a dedicated yoga tent where you can have a go at anything from Ashtanga to Pilates to laughter yoga, we will also be hosting meditation, and Qi Gong and Shamanic workshops, amongst others. We’re Looking forward to seeing you on the 11th June!!


1-2pm Mindful Movement – A mixture of meditation, relaxation, yoga and Internal Martial Arts therapy
2-3pm Ashtanga – Yoga At The Reach

4-5pm Dru Yoga
5-6pm Hot Yoga Sheffield –

1.30pm Capoeira
2-3pm Qi Gong “The Self-Massage Wake Up” – Katie Simpson
3-4pm Daoist Qi Gong – Karen
4-5pm Qi Gong “The 8 Pieces Of Brocade” – Katie Simpson
5-6pm Deep Tissue Massage workshop


2014 Healing area

Seemingly the biggest healing area yet at Peace in the Park, 2014 brought together a powerful team of skilled health, healing and creative practitioners!

You had the option to treat yourself to the skills of some of Sheffield’s excellent therapists. Choose from, amongst others, deep tissue massage, Chinese medical experts, head massage, energy healing, ethical health teas and products, and even crystal and birthing advice. While people looked around, the big yellow Shaman-bulance, made its festival debut. Nice to see so many people check out the workshop schedule.

We were really happy to house skilled leaders bringing workshops including Qigong, poetry, self-massage and energy massage, and the wonderful laughter yoga! We also had so many yoga teachers coming that we had to open up a new structure to house the many different classes available. Therapists and workshop leaders gathered in a new area this year, a little further up the hill than previously, and sitting at the heart of the healing area was the creater hedron, a loving powerful sculpture.

There was a real buzz about this year’s Peace in the Park, and all of us at the healing area.

Hosted by Julia Harrison and Katie Challis


12:00 Kids Yoga
13:00 Laugh Sheffield
14:00 Ashtanga: Yoga Shefield
15:00 Kundalini Meditation: Feel Fab Retreats
16:00 Yoga mix: Hot Yoga Sheffield
17:00 Dru Yoga


12:00 Buddhist Meditation
13:00 Qigong
13:30 Energy Self-Massage
14:00 Spoken Word: Carol Robson
15:00 Be Grateful: School Of Moksha
16:00 Buddhist Meditation
17:00 Qigong
18:00 Buddhist Meditation