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Location: Ponderosa

Promoters for Peace

promoters for peaceSupporting music promoters to organise official fundraising events to raise money for the festival and promote peace, understanding and social justice.

How it Works

Sheffield is a city with a rich year round night life that spans musical genres and is always supportive of Peace in the Park. This fundraising strand taps into that by working with organisations which are already putting on gigs and club nights and using those established events to raise money for the festival. Typically in the past this has been through promoters donating their profits for one of their events to Peace in the Park.

How we can help:

In return Peace in the Park uses its own marketing and publicity networks to promote fundraising events which gives access to a new audience for the promoter. The festival has an extensive online following as well as a radio show and an engaged city wide audience.

We can provide collection buckets and a banner to legitimise the fundraising and make your event look great.

Additionally we have a pool of volunteers who may be able to help at the night in question.

Get in contact:

Email our Fundraising Coordinator at