Sheffield's free community arts festival
Back in 2023
Location: Ponderosa

Structure of Peace in the park – We are all volunteers 

We have 5 directors because we are a limited company with a Guarantee. They make sure we stay legal.

Steering Group – This group make the decisions and plan different parts of the peace in the Park.  from Marketing, fundraising, stalls, production and community involvement

See Roles here volunteer roles 2019

we then have others who help and are in subgroups of the different areas. if you would like to join a team, run a team message us here  contact@peaceinthepark.

On the weekend of the event, we need stewards who give 4 hours of their time and we give them some food and a shed load of thanks.

Briefing sheet if you want more information about helping on the day  PitP18 Stewards Briefing Sheet (1)

We need £25k to put on the festival in June – you can help in many ways

Donate 👉        or Paypal

Help run a fundraiser – contact

Host a collection tin in your local pub.

Time to meet some of our volunteers! Here is Jenny’s Peace in the Park story:

“I was involved in Peace in the Park in its very first year in 2003, and have helped in some way for most of the years it has happened. Be it face-painting, collecting money on the day, postering, raising money in advance through fundraisers, organising stalls or campaign speakers for the stages on the day.

I love the festival as it reminds me that there is a huge and loud beating heart of peaceful people in Sheffield. It has been amazing to meet and work with people who also believe a different world is possible, and who are up for throwing their energy, imaginations and a whole lot of time into the mix to produce an awesome day for soooo many people. I love festivals and dancing too.

For me, peace is people being kind to each other, in short. It’s standing up to the corporations and governments who are destroying innocent lives and profiting from war. It’s looking after the Earth and its resources, so the incredible natural wonders of the world can continue to exist peacefully, free from harm.

Peace is something so far from reality for so many people in the world, and in Sheffield we are incredibly lucky that in most of our daily lives, we are free from harm. We might have struggles, and some of us are definitely suffering in different ways, but if we hear a loud bang, we don’t fear a bomb – it’s probably a firework.


INCOME:- Fundraisers, Funding Bids, etc        Fundraising target of £30,000

VOLUNTEER:- stewards , welfare, to help with fundraisers.

MARKETING:- Help run our social media, over see marketing schedule, share information with our radio show.

COMMUNITY Promote our manifesto ,workshops (décor) local youth kids. Patches for peace

LIVE OR RUN A  LOCAL GROUP IN UPPERTHORPE OR NETHERTHORPE – how can you help with the festival – promote the festival, perform on the community stage,.help set up, help with community cohesion.

PRODUCTION – site vehicles fields waste sustainability CO-ORDINATION  admin/contact, legal ,finance ,safety, safeguarding

Fundraising Opportunities.

we welcome anyone with new ideas and who wants to help make Peace in the Park happen. Feel free to get in touch with our Fundraising Coordinator at to discuss or, for more general enquiries,