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Location: Ponderosa

Become a steward

IMG_7964BThe event cannot happen with out the stewards, people on the day need directing, helping and be cared for…..If you would like to get involved with the stewarding/volunteering please don’t hesitate to contact Kinder on

07787578720 or

You Give 4 hours  10-2pm, 2-6pm, 6-10pm or more if you can,
We will give you some food, water and lots of thanks…

Help Fund Peace in the Park 2016

Even if you can’t help out in any other way – could you spare a few pounds to make sure that Peace in the Park 2016 can go ahead? If so, pop over to (or follow the widget on the right-hand side of this site).

Named roles

There are lots of different roles that different people take on to allow the festival to take place. We haven’t yet got a list of the vacancies for PitP 2016, but you can download the full list of all roles. Even if the person currently doing the role isn’t stepping down, many of them would welcome a second person to work alongside them – so, if any of those roles take your fancy, please drop an email to for more details.

Kids area

We are looking for people to help out in the kids area. We’ll be running craft activities, games and workshops from 12 til 6pm, so if you’ve a spare few hours and fancy getting involved, email Anna at .

Ideas for activities also welcome

All volunteers must have an existing CRB check.

Join the production crew

IMG_7776Help to build the festival’s infrastructure in the two days prior to the event – contact Olly on if you want to help

Play at Peace in the Park!

IMG_0490The performers application process for Peace in the Park 2016 is currenlty closed – Look out for more information.


PitP wouldn’t happen without the enormous fund-raising effort of Sheffield’s creative and voluntary communities. This is what keeps our festival fresh, independent and generally brilliant! We need to raise approx £12000 to make PitP happen – so get those thinking caps on, find amazing ways to make a bob or two and let us know… We’re waiting to hear from you – contact us on:


Please contact for a form or if you have any questions.

The stalls form for Peace in the Park 2016 can be downloaded as a PDF or Word document. but wont be accepted till JAN 2016.

Note: bookings for each year’s event will be open from January to May.

Photo & Video Coverage

Are you a photographer or filmmaker? We are looking for committed volunteers to get involved with this year’s festival to document the day or part of it. This is a great opportunity to expand your portfolio and see the festival up close with your shinny press pass. If you are interested email Vanessa at

All Enquiries

For all other enquiries, including any other ways you’d like to get involved, please email

In the mean time…

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