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Location: Ponderosa

Hello, this is the Peace in the Park Thanks Page.

Lots of people have put a lot of hard work into raising money and organising the 2014 festival   We would like to say a massive thanks to everybody involved.  Also we have decided to use this page to display some of the web links of the people we have been working with.  Hopefully this will become a valuable resource for anybody who is looking for bands, dj’s or any of the other services that can be offered from these people.  It is also free advertising for people that have helped and a means for like minded people to hook up and work together in the future.  This is not the fully completed list yet but we hope to get it finished before this year’s festival.  We will list the web links under categories.

Please do not hesitate if you have helped us this year and would like to be included.  You can fill in the form at the bottom of the page, tell us how you were involved, name the category you want to be under and give us the links.  If you want, you can leave a one line description of your band, business or the services you offer.   Thanks once again to everybody involved and we hope to see you at this years festival.

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