Sheffield's free community arts festival
Sat 12th June 2021
Time: 12pm-8pm
Location: Ponderosa
255 days to go
Want to know what we’re all about – read more on the About us page.




Its great to see new poeple join the Team, but still have some roles that need filling 

Marketing and volunteering cordinator.

It cost £25k to put on the free festival for all  if you want to help by donating for the work in the coming year. click here

A huge Thank you to all who helped over the past year which culminated in the festival.   

Jamboree Arts – tents, staging and cabaret programming and sound system

Prime Tiger Audio – Sheffield stage audio Richard Masters  and Liz Searle for programming sheffield stage

Martin Bedford – honey bee blues club -programming blues stage

Saeif Sounds – audio blues stage

Chief Pukka sound system – audio reggae tent
Spenser from  displace programming reggae tent

Adam Charvet (Chiv) – audio and programming world stage

Kate Charis Cordinator the  kids area

Strip the willow who built the arch into the environment area

Jenny Gerrans coordinating fundraising and mocktails bar in the day 

Pagets – bin point aggregate sacks

Katie and Julia coordinating the healing area

Food crew meals

Veggies Catering
Street Feast
UK Mama
Street Food Chef
Sunshine Pizza Oven
Bamboo Street 

Children of Netherthorpe school – drawings around site and front cover of programme 

own way – programme/poster/tote bag/t-shirt design

groups that made doves – artworks sheffield, zest & RIVA

sheffield city council & parks and countryside rangers – litter pickers 

Partners  – Events collective

Supporters – Theatre Delhi and Sheffield social enterprise network 

yellow arch / brothers arms for fundraising gigs 

Mark from Thali truck for the mocktails bar 












Thanks for 2018

A massive thank you,to all who have helped in the work of peace and put the festival together to make it ana amazing success. Great to see over 10000 people there .

Some photos from 2018 – thanks to our photographers

Dean stead Photography –

Tim Dennell –

Ian Spooner –

Kinder Kalsi –





Peace in the park is totally run by volunteers.

Time to meet some of our volunteers! Here is Jenny’s Peace in the Park story:

“I was involved in Peace in the Park in its very first year in 2003, and have helped in some way for most of the years it has happened. Be it face-painting, collecting money on the day, postering, raising money in advance through fundraisers, organising stalls or campaign speakers for the stages on the day.

I love the festival as it reminds me that there is a huge and loud beating heart of peaceful people in Sheffield. It has been amazing to meet and work with people who also believe a different world is possible, and who are up for throwing their energy, imaginations and a whole lot of time into the mix to produce an awesome day for soooo many people. I love festivals and dancing too.

For me, peace is people being kind to each other, in short. It’s standing up to the corporations and governments who are destroying innocent lives and profiting from war. It’s looking after the Earth and its resources, so the incredible natural wonders of the world can continue to exist peacefully, free from harm.

Peace is something so far from reality for so many people in the world, and in Sheffield we are incredibly lucky that in most of our daily lives, we are free from harm. We might have struggles, and some of us are definitely suffering in different ways, but if we hear a loud bang, we don’t fear a bomb – it’s probably a firework. “

Thanks to all those who gave to “the Grow your Tenner campaign” on LocalGiving. It may have finished but you can still Give.

 we are looking for people to join the team.

Is marketing, fundraising, art work , graffiti,waste management, message for peace your thing.

Help the team plan the event email

Do you Love Peace in the Park?

Want to make sure we have a festival next year?

Do you have just have a few quid to spare and good memories of the festival – in which case the link is



A Massive Thank you to all who halp make 2017 festival a success and who have partnered with us in the coming year..

Thanks to  Dean Stead Photography Kinder Kalsi and Nelly Naylor Photography for there shots of the day….





please, please, donate to keep this beautiful festival going!


2017 line up






If you can help the manifesto become reality let us know so we can partner with you.

We are always looking for volunteers to help in one off ways as well throughout the year to help with fundraising events, activities and set up and take down of the festival, if you feel you want to help contact 

Whether you have loads of time to spare and want to give something back to the community or whether you can only spare a few hours on the big day itself, we want to hear from you!

We are a small team of friendly people from all walks of life and we want to make sure that Peace in the Park stays on top of its game for the next festival in 2017


Thanks you to all those who helped make Peace in the Park 2016 happen…

Hello Sheffield! Did you enjoy the festival?

please give us some feedback on

please, please, donate to keep this beautiful festival going!

Join the Steering group by emailing

13412178_10209682555039143_6441055721045612319_o     IMG_3453 IMG_3604 a

Photo by Ian Spooner  Photos by Kinder Kalsi

PitP2016 poster-final-outlines-01


Peace in the Park 2014

Peace in the Park is now over for 2014 – it was on Sat 14th June 2014, 12pm to 9pm. If you missed it, then here’s a short video showing you want you could have seen:

PITP14 Festival Programme

Download 2014 Festival Programme

Download 2014 Festival Programme

The venue was the same as last time; the Ponderosa, Netherthorpe, Sheffield (map). Look out for next year’s date and why not see how you could get involved in making this year’s event even better!

You can get to Peace in the Park by tram, bus or a short walk from town – please don’t bring your car if you can avoid it (there is very little parking near the park). Read more about the ways we’re helping the sustainability of the festival and see how you can help with this.

Full details in the festival programme, downloadable on the left, or available on the day (with any donations given in going to our supported charities).

♦ Acoustic stage Comedy & Cabaret tent ♦ Community stage DJ tent ♦ Healing area Kids area ♦ Main stageThe Other Stage Tea tent ♦

Please note there will be drinking water and toilets provided for you on site also.

Peace Out!

8 Responses to “The Festival”

  • Ness says:

    Hope to make it down on the day but if not have a wicked day and well done on your 8th year !

    Ness xx

  • Laura says:

    I’m really looking forward to this event, I’ve heard on the grapevine its pretty cool, but I’m unsure where exactly its taking place as I’m not familiar with the area, would it be possible create a page with maybe a map and some directions on how to get there by car ad public tranport? I know quite a few people have had a similar problem with finding the location x

  • Anas Kabar says:

    hi im interested in getting involved?

    how can I get involved?

    and whats the possibility of holding a stall on the day


  • […] This independent community arts and music festival offers seven stages of music, from a DJ tent powered by local lads Sequoia Sound System, to acoustic sets by the super-cool Red House pub, and a pedal-powered sound system. Don’t miss live graffiti art, a pop-up cinema and a Guinness World Records attempt for the most number of children being read a story. You’ll find heaps of craft, a vintage tea tent and a local ale bar. Started in 2003 as a protest against the Iraq war, it’s a charity fundraiser with a relaxed atmosphere.• Free, noon-8pm, the Ponderosa, Netherthorpe, […]

  • deborah says:

    cant wait I loved it last year !

  • Voilodion Ghagnasdiak says:

    Glad to hear that the festival is being held down my neck o’ the woods. Some of the music played at the last one was absolutely amazing.
    Gawd bless yah Peace in the Parkers!

  • Wendy says:

    Well done folks, an amazing day we had a fabulous time all the family and friends went down and it was mega, chilled, fun and entertaining. Roll on 2011