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Peace in the Park 2022-Postponed

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that, despite the – genuinely moving – response we have had over the last few weeks, we just do not have the funds in place to be able to confidently go ahead with Peace in the Park 2022, and are therefore postponing.

In an ordinary year, Peace in the Park is funded partly as a result of applications to charitable organizations and partly through a series of events which raise money throughout the year. We all know these have not been ordinary years, and we have not been able to have the quantity or size of events that we would have had in order to raise sufficient funds.

We said a month ago that we needed to raise £5,000 to take us to the minimum viable balance of £10,000 that we needed to have in place by 1st April. In that time we had a Dub Shack event, which raised £1,200, and we also received [£1744] in donations from individuals across the city. Unfortunately, there was a miscalculation (or a miscommunication) following the fundraiser. The money collected from tickets sold on the door by card was counted twice, once by the fundraising team, and once by the steering group as it had already reached the bank, unbeknownst to the fundraising team. This led us to believe we only had £1,200 to raise, when actually this figure was closer to £1,600. And this is the position we are currently in.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you, not only for your donations, but for every share, every comment of support for this festival of peace, unity and love. It moved us all as it shows just how much the festival is loved in this city.

Special thanks to the following people who really helped our effort over the last weeks (and in some cases months) and to some major funding organisations: Sarah Marshall @ Sheffield Star, Lucy Howard @ Sheffield Wire, Howie Pressman @ BBC Radio Sheffield, Peter Gilbert @ the Green Party, Sidney & Matilda, South Yorkshire Community Foundation, JG Graves Charitable Trust, and some of the lovely folk who have arranged events for us: Henry White and Spencer Edwins.

The donations

It would be fair to ask “what are you going to do with the donations you have received?” These donations will all go directly towards putting on Peace in the Park 2023 (more info on that below). There are some minor administration costs throughout the year, but the vast majority (90%+) of the money we have raised through this year’s fundraising events and the mammoth efforts of the last few weeks will all be the springboard from which we will bring you…


PITP 2023

It is not all doom and gloom. Although the last few weeks have been quite trying and upsetting, we have really found ourselves as a team, and we are all more than excited to begin the Peace in the Park 2023 campaign, and we’re keen to let you know that we are more than just a festival. We care about the community of Sheffield and we want to bring the joy of that glorious day dancing on the Ponderosa and spread it across Sheffield throughout the year.

We are planning more events, and more ways to involve more people, to spread the messages of Love and Peace. Keep your eyes peeled for further information.

2023 marks 20 years since Peace in the Park started in Devonshire Green as a protest against the Iraq war. We hope to do something really special to mark the occasion, and as we all dry our eyes, we are starting to get excited about bringing you something wonderful.


We are aware that times are tight, and you may have donated for the festival this year but not be around next year. If you would like a refund, we will obviously have to ask for proof of the donation, but once that is given we will happily reimburse you. In this case please get in touch with us on the email address here: We do hope, though, that you will be able to let us put your donation towards next year and that you will be joining us then!

For press and media enquiries please email the team on


Donation link:     Paypal to



– Continue to be kind
– Support local business
– Love your pets & share pics of them looking cute 🐶
– Stay safe
From us all, Peace ☮️✌️ x



Sept 2021 -Wow what a response 

We have a brand new Team of volunteers join and they are amazing and looking forward to shaping the direction of the festival. 

We say a massive thank you to Sara Hills and Kinder Kalsi who have moved to pastures new. We thank them for their experience of 13 years and 12 years respectively and they have done for the festival and community work.

The future : Peace in the Park needs you!

Call out for the next generation of dedicated volunteers to shape the future of the festival

For nearly 20 years, Peace in the Park has been a staple of the Sheffield Festival calendar.
Championing a positive message of peace, environmental care and community at its core, the festival provides a platform to showcase local musicians, performers, charities and a range of stallholders.

From its humble beginnings on Devonshire Green in 2003, as an anti-war protest, Peace in the Park has continued to grow from strength to strength, moving between several locations before settling in the Ponderosa, Upperthorpe in 2008, where it has been ever since. It is a well known,  well attended festival, drawing in yearly crowds of up to 10,000; with many festival-goers and volunteers returning to the site 24 hours later to litter pick, in a conscious effort to leave no trace of previous day’s festivities.

However, what is less well known is that Peace in the Park is not just a festival: it’s a registered limited company that requires year round administrative, financial and practical support to operate – without this, the festival would not happen. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and failing to reach the annual fundraising target of at least £15,000, the festival was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. As the steering group begins preparing for the potential return of Peace in the Park in 2022, several of the long-standing, key organisers have chosen to take a step back from the organisation and focus on new ventures.

This change in key organisers provides an incredibly exciting opportunity to hear from the next generation of dedicated volunteers to reimagine and shape the future of Peace in the Park. “For Peace in the Park to take place in 2022, we desperately need a dedicated fundraising team, who are willing to put in the time to organise fundraising events, apply for grant funding (and follow-up with these funders after the event), look after the collection boxes found in various pubs around the city and promote our local giving page. Although some of the funding does come from bar sales on the day, along with stall fees and collection buckets, the majority of funds is raised through the hard work of volunteers throughout the year. Without reaching our fundraising target of at least £15,000, we cannot go ahead”
Davo Smith, Director & Steering Group Member (2007 – present)

“I joined Peace in the Park’s steering group in 2018 after enjoying the festival year-after-year and was amazed to learn about all the planning and work that was needed. Volunteering with Peace in the Park has been fantastic, and has given me the opportunity to gain experience in events management, whilst supporting the Sheffield creative community”
Amelia Mather, Steering Group Member (2018 – present)
If you’re passionate about Peace and the Park’s and would like to offer regular support to secure the future of the festival, please get in touch with the team on – they look forward to hearing from you!

For press and media enquiries please email the team on


Donation link:

– Continue to be kind
– Support local business
– Love your pets & share pics of them looking cute 🐶
– Stay safe
From us all, Peace ☮️✌️ x

It cost £25k to put on the free festival for all  if you want to help by donating for the work in the coming year. click here

The pandemic may have Postponed the festival but it wont stop us spreading peace and love

In times of uncertainty, we must come together now more than ever to keep each other safe and well.
Please continue to check on friends, family and the wider community. It’s so wonderful reading how so many people are already offering help and support to those during the Coronavirus situation on various community groups 💚💚💚. Your acts of kindness and selflessness are a welcome break from the endless negative stories of panic buying and fear currently taking over Facebook.
Peace ☮️✌️X



A huge Thank you to all who helped in 2018-20 in the festival   

Jamboree Arts – tents, staging and cabaret programming and sound system

Prime Tiger Audio – Sheffield stage audio Richard Masters  and Liz Searle for programming sheffield stage

Martin Bedford – honey bee blues club -programming blues stage

Saeif Sounds – audio blues stage

Chief Pukka sound system – audio reggae tent
Spenser from  displace programming reggae tent

Adam Charvet (Chiv) – audio and programming world stage

Kate Charis Cordinator the  kids area

Strip the willow who built the arch into the environment area

Jenny Gerrans coordinating fundraising and mocktails bar in the day 

Pagets – bin point aggregate sacks

Katie and Julia coordinating the healing area

Food crew meals

Veggies Catering
Street Feast
UK Mama
Street Food Chef
Sunshine Pizza Oven
Bamboo Street 

Children of Netherthorpe school – drawings around site and front cover of programme 

own way – programme/poster/tote bag/t-shirt design

groups that made doves – artworks sheffield, zest & RIVA

sheffield city council & parks and countryside rangers – litter pickers 

Partners  – Events collective

Supporters – Theatre Delhi and Sheffield social enterprise network 

yellow arch / brothers arms for fundraising gigs 

Mark from Thali truck for the mocktails bar 




Thanks for 2018

A massive thank you,to all who have helped in the work of peace and put the festival together to make it ana amazing success. Great to see over 10000 people there .

Some photos from 2018 – thanks to our photographers

Dean stead Photography –

Tim Dennell –

Ian Spooner –

Kinder Kalsi –





Peace in the park is totally run by volunteers.

Time to meet some of our volunteers! Here is Jenny’s Peace in the Park story:

“I was involved in Peace in the Park in its very first year in 2003, and have helped in some way for most of the years it has happened. Be it face-painting, collecting money on the day, postering, raising money in advance through fundraisers, organising stalls or campaign speakers for the stages on the day.

I love the festival as it reminds me that there is a huge and loud beating heart of peaceful people in Sheffield. It has been amazing to meet and work with people who also believe a different world is possible, and who are up for throwing their energy, imaginations and a whole lot of time into the mix to produce an awesome day for soooo many people. I love festivals and dancing too.

For me, peace is people being kind to each other, in short. It’s standing up to the corporations and governments who are destroying innocent lives and profiting from war. It’s looking after the Earth and its resources, so the incredible natural wonders of the world can continue to exist peacefully, free from harm.

Peace is something so far from reality for so many people in the world, and in Sheffield we are incredibly lucky that in most of our daily lives, we are free from harm. We might have struggles, and some of us are definitely suffering in different ways, but if we hear a loud bang, we don’t fear a bomb – it’s probably a firework. “

Thanks to all those who gave to “the Grow your Tenner campaign” on LocalGiving. It may have finished but you can still Give.

 we are looking for people to join the team.

Is marketing, fundraising, art work , graffiti,waste management, message for peace your thing.

Help the team plan the event email

Do you Love Peace in the Park?

Want to make sure we have a festival next year?

Do you have just have a few quid to spare and good memories of the festival – in which case the link is



A Massive Thank you to all who halp make 2017 festival a success and who have partnered with us in the coming year..

Thanks to  Dean Stead Photography Kinder Kalsi and Nelly Naylor Photography for there shots of the day….





please, please, donate to keep this beautiful festival going!


2017 line up






If you can help the manifesto become reality let us know so we can partner with you.

We are always looking for volunteers to help in one off ways as well throughout the year to help with fundraising events, activities and set up and take down of the festival, if you feel you want to help contact 

Whether you have loads of time to spare and want to give something back to the community or whether you can only spare a few hours on the big day itself, we want to hear from you!

We are a small team of friendly people from all walks of life and we want to make sure that Peace in the Park stays on top of its game for the next festival in 2017


Thanks you to all those who helped make Peace in the Park 2016 happen…

Hello Sheffield! Did you enjoy the festival?

please give us some feedback on

please, please, donate to keep this beautiful festival going!

Join the Steering group by emailing

13412178_10209682555039143_6441055721045612319_o     IMG_3453 IMG_3604 a

Photo by Ian Spooner  Photos by Kinder Kalsi

PitP2016 poster-final-outlines-01


Peace in the Park 2014

Peace in the Park is now over for 2014 – it was on Sat 14th June 2014, 12pm to 9pm. If you missed it, then here’s a short video showing you want you could have seen:

PITP14 Festival Programme

Download 2014 Festival Programme

Download 2014 Festival Programme

The venue was the same as last time; the Ponderosa, Netherthorpe, Sheffield (map). Look out for next year’s date and why not see how you could get involved in making this year’s event even better!

You can get to Peace in the Park by tram, bus or a short walk from town – please don’t bring your car if you can avoid it (there is very little parking near the park). Read more about the ways we’re helping the sustainability of the festival and see how you can help with this.

Full details in the festival programme, downloadable on the left, or available on the day (with any donations given in going to our supported charities).

♦ Acoustic stage Comedy & Cabaret tent ♦ Community stage DJ tent ♦ Healing area Kids area ♦ Main stageThe Other Stage Tea tent ♦

Please note there will be drinking water and toilets provided for you on site also.

Peace Out!